Know Your Figure – Lead To Success

Know Your Figure – Lead To Success

Everyone want to be a rich, financial freedom and go travel around the world. So what or how should we do to achieve what we want to?

I have attended many courses and events about how to get rich and how to set a millionaire mind, they told me always focus on my goal so you will become millionaire but how? The important thing to lead you success and focus on your goal is KNOW YOUR FIGURE.

For example this is how i set for myself to know my figure for year, month, week, day to achieve my goal:

I want to Be Rich! (How?)

Earn $1,000,000 in 1 Year (How?)

->Earn $83,400 in 1 Month (Every Month) (How?)

–>Earn $20,900 in 1 Week (How?)

—>Earn $2,977 in 1 Day



Remember, always set a time frame for yourself if you set a goal to earn a million in 1 year on your online business or your own business like me.

I have set the time frame and i know how much i should earn in a day to achieve my million in a year, so what should i do next?


You need to build strategy for you own business to start make money which are:


  • Brand your company,products,yourself to make others know what you doing, who are you to create awareness

Customer (Sales)

  • How to gain your audience, how to attract your audience buy from you.


  • How you manage your time on marketing, posting, research, learn to make your business better

99% of FAILURE come from people who have the habit of making excuses


Don’t make excuses when you failed, business isn’t easy to success but work hard will make your business better and better.

The more details your goal are,

the most easier you reach your goal!

Set your goal more details, every single word count, so your goal won’t leave you far away!

Don’t Focus on how much it cost.

Focus on how much it make.

Focus on Benefit.

Always focus on the future income you will make, don’t bother about cost you will pay now, profit always more than your cost when you focus and work hard on it.

Sell on value,

Don’t sell on PRICE

Let your audience know the benefit of taking your products instead telling your audience how cheap it is.


This is what i want to share with you guys after few years attended courses and event. Hope it will help you guys in future and more money come to you.





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