Don’t Kill Your Golden Goose

Don’t Kill Your Golden Goose

Recently I read a article about childhood story and I think you guys might know as well called “The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs”, so I’m going to share with you guys.

The story basically goes like this: There was a poor farmer and his wife who were very short of money and unable to feed their big family. If this situation did not change soon, they all might going to stave. One day a miraculous things happened: the farmer found a golden egg laid by his goose. There was such celebration and the farmer took the egg to market and traded it for some foods to his family. They had enough foods and no need worry for months.

goose laid golden eggs 4

Each day the farmer would check if there were still more eggs and often he would find another egg laid by the golden goose. They now no longer worry about foods and they can even afford a new extras. They becoming more wealthy and the farmer started thinking, he wondered how many eggs his Golden Goose had in her. So he grabbed a knife and killed the goose to see what inside her. As his shock and horror there were no eggs inside and his golden goose was dead. He never found another golden egg again.

goose laid golden eggs 3

The moral of story: “Don’t kill your golden goose”


What are the vital things you need to be looking after this year in your business? -the things that give you good income, good profit, that you rely on – and if lost, would plunge you and your business in crisis mode.

It might be one or more of these things:

  • Your best machinery that you are running at maximum capacity but not regularly maintaining.
  • Your best employees who are working longer hours than they should without a break, recognition, or rewards.
  • Your best customers that need care and attention so they stick around for long time to come.
  • Your bank balance/cashflow that needs attention so that you can pay everyone and not be under undue stress from the bank and creditors.
  • Your health if you have no kept yourself in good shape (especially if your business relies heavily on you).
  • Your family who are perhaps the reason you work so hard-but they hardly ever see you because you are working longer hours than you need to. It is important to invest regularly into your key relationships. Because a crisis in this area will, without doubt, affect your business.

We all have more than one golden goose, but remember if your golden goose stop laying golden egg (your income), then you are in trouble.

So we need to look after our golden goose’s – as they are the future for you and your business.


Take a few minutes and write down your Golden Goose’s. Then beside each one, write what you will do to feed and keep them in top condition for this year. In the next week make sure you feed each of your Golden Goose’s, and commit to this for the rest of the year.

Hope you all enjoy my post and action now!




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