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Owners: Tim and Eileen Barber

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Who it’s for: For Blogger, Author, Vendor, Online Marketer

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an online marketplace for digital goods like ebooks, software, healthy products and membership sites that allow you (as an affiliate and vendor) to attract customers online. As a affiliate program, clickbank offer commission to online marketer once they help the vendor sold their products.

There are two different sides in Clickbank which are affiliate marketer and vendors who like to promote their products through clickbank. Until now clickbank have offers more than 10,000+ digital products for affiliates to promote online while earning up to 75% commissions.



As a vendors, you can submit your products to clickbank that browsed by affiliates and consumers. There are more than 1000 of affiliates that can help you to promotes your products. Many of them are experienced online marketers, therefor you no need to worry you have no traffic because clickbank will help you push to their huge audience.

What you need to do to upload your products is set up a sales page, download page, list your price and your products will be available to purchase and promote.


As a affiliate marketer, you can use marketplaces to search all kind of digital products that you want to promote. So if you are searching products that match your niches, probably clickbank is a place to let you find the products you want and earn commission.

Vendors knows importance of marketing tools. They will their affiliates their sales banner, sales letter and even email marketing campaign letter.



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Pros vs. Cons of Clickbank



  • They only offer customer support through email
  • Insufficient promotion tools, rely on vendor some have promotion details but some no

Who will benefits in Clickbank

As long as you want to earn money online but don’t have any products to promote and sell, clickbank definitely a place you can find thousand of products to let you sell.

Is Clickbank a Scam?

Many starter will questions about clickbank is it a scam because there are many consumer claimed that clickbank is a scam. But i can tell you it is not scam, it is because clickbank is the largest online marketplace that is available for everyone it will attract scammers as well. Since clickbank does not have screening procedure or high requirements that stops scammer to using this services, so it bring many negatives review about clickbank.

Clickbank actually have good reputation and payments are always on time. If you as a affiliate, to gain good reputation for your own website/ online business, you should do some research before you choose to promote a products. And as a vendor, you should products that deliver quality to customers and marketing banners to affiliate.


How To Earn Money in Clickbank?

As i mentioned earlier, there are 2 sides to earn money which are affiliate and vendors.

If you want to start as vendor, you will need to have your own products and put it in clickbank to let affiliate marketer to help you promote. If you don’t have product, you can write your own Ebooks about how to do online marketing, etc, but remember your products must quality and benefits to consumer so you will get more and more sales.


As a affiliate marketer you will need to follow 4 step below:

1 – Find your niches by searching keywords

Before you search digital products on clickbank, you have to search niches which is less results and not so competitive by using this keywords tool.

2 – Buy a domain

After you found what product you want to sell, now you need to buy a domain which match your products and easily search by your potential customer. Can buy domain here, it have reasonable price and have discount every month.

3 – Build website

This platform is what i highly recommended – Wealthy Affiliate, in here you can have free domain, free website builder and free hosting. So actually if you don’t want to buy domain you can enjoy all free with Wealthy Affiliate, you can start your business with $0 cost.

4 – Choose products from Clickbank

After your website setup, you may choose the product you want to promote in Clickbank. So you may start to post and promote products and start earning. Start gain traffic now and start earning.


My Experience on Clickbank

For me clickbank is a good platform for people who are new in marketing, whether you want to become affiliate or vendors. Just when you want promote a product from clickbank, you must google first for the product you found to make sure it meet their quality and check if there are good or bad reputation..

Always test products first before you promote products, Like what i mentioned just now, im usually will test my products in social media first to get some individuals feedback. You might get different opinion for the products, you might think that is good product but is bad quality for others.

Clickbank is a user friendly affiliate marketplace for all affiliate and vendor. And it super easy to create your own product if you want to become an Ebook author online and let thousands of affiliates help you to promote your product and make tons of sales. So beside being affiliate in Clickbank, you can become vendor if you have skills or knowledge that others can benefits from.

Here’s my little income from clickbank:


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